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We at, know that your watch is very dear to you. If it’s a watch you love, you will be very reluctant to replace it because it may not be working.

No need to worry as we know to do, previous customers who have dealt with us know the professionalism and intricacy of our work. What they know, they all like as proven by reviews done on our service.  Our service ratings are very high.

For the normal wear and tear on watches over that long period of time, our service team will work on your watch and ensure that it has a prolonged life. We are able to perform services such as sizing and adjustments, battery replacement, ultrasonic cleaning, straps and bracelets and water resistant maintenance among others.

Watch Types

Many people definitely know what a watch is especially if you were there in the pre-mobile and internet age. The needs of having a watch have been somehow reduced by new technology as you have time applications in mobile and computer-based applications.

A watch is a timepiece, small in size and intended to be worn on a person’s body part especially on the hand. It is made with features that ensure that it keeps on working without being stopped by body motions and activities.

Watches have been there since the 17th century. They have evolved with time with today watches being controlled by quartz movements. We have watches with very elaborate craftsmanship, glamorous designs to give them a good appeal. Modern watches will display the day, month and year and then the time. Other designs will include calculators, heart rate monitor system and Bluetooth technology among others.

At Repairs by post, we deal with many kinds of watches from the most exotic to standard watches. Some of the watches we deal with are:

Rolex Watches

The Rolex Watch Company was set up in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf. It is very well known for its high-class models such as GMT Master, the Daytona and Sea Dweller. The company was very successful and was the first to come up with a waterproof watch and has continued to lead the industry up to present day. We recommend Rolex to anyone wishing to have a reliable and luxury looking watch. It has a very fastidious nature and its performance is at the top of the range. We have new features like the screw down crown and the precision milled crystal used for diving expeditions. The Rolex watch is good for professionals as well as explorers. Rolex comes with beautiful luxury watches that are durable and fashionable. At, our team of technical experts will be able to handle all types of watch repair Rolex. We have studied all the features of the Rolex watch and will work on it to maintain its original working condition.

Antique and Vintage watches

For lovers of antique and vintage watches, whether for private use or for collection, contact us and we will guide you through all its aspects. Antique watches are those watches that are more than 100 years old while a Vintage watch is at least 25 years old. The two types of watches are for collection purposes and their craftsmanship and material quality determines their value. At, we are experts at antique watch repair and also for vintage. We are well equipped with watch parts which make it possible to repair any kind of watch.