The Best Plastics Pallets Tips For Your Business

Any business can benefit from pallets could benefit- choosing the right one is key. The choice is endless and for many the question is whether to purchase wooden pallets or plastic pallets. Product handling experts have given us all of the answers and they say that plastic pallets are now the best way forward!

Exporta Global has a range of plastic pallets available for a whole range of industries. This successful business is confident that the products they supply are built to last.

Looking for plastic pallets online? Exporta’s plastic pallets come in a range of different styles and each come with their own features which set them apart, let’s have a look into the world of plastic pallets.

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are modern and extremely useable, unlike wooden pallets. Old fashion pallets were traditionally used across all major industries. More and more businesses are moving towards plastic pallets that are made of strong materials which make them an investment that lasts.

In most cases you will find that wooden pallets are the cheaper option, however, that doesn’t make them the right pick. Plastics pallets offer long term support as a plastic pallet doesn’t need replaced as often and is less likely to break.

Plastic pallets are also extremely easy to wash down and disinfect after each use – allowing you to keep a high standard of hygiene in your business and the goods you sell.


plastic pallets

Pallet Collars

If you are buying plastic pallets, then you will need pallet collars. You will find that plastic pallets can also be used with the addition of other products including pallet collars or lids.

A pallet collar provides security to your pallets as it adds a protective wall around your goods. A pallet collar is effective as it provides a level of extra strength for both your products.

Keep in mind once pallets are fully stacked they can be very unstable and goods can easily fall – resulting in unnecessary damage to products or injuries to employees.

Pallets for The Food Industry

Exporta Global say that “- You need a smooth deck plastic pallet if you’re moving food or pharmaceuticals around. Smooth Deck Pallets also have no recesses where contamination could occur”.

Although wooden pallets have been used for a number of years and are still used by those in the food and beverage industry, they are extremely prone to breeding dirt and bacteria.

This is one of the main benefits of plastic pallets, or more specifically, hygiene pallets. This type of pallet is non-porous. What does this mean?  This type of pallet repels bacteria and other substances.


Strong Plastic Pallets

Exporta Global has the largest product range of Plastic Pallets in the UK. When purchasing plastic pallets make sure they are strong enough for all weather condition. Remember that plastic pallets can be left out in the rain for a long amount of time, even all night and their structure won’t break down.

The Exporta team are on hand via live chat and can help you choose the appropriate pallet for your business.