Leading A Healthy Lifestyle at Work

Working life can be difficult, especially trying to stay healthy. The late nights and hours sitting at a desk is not good for our waistline. With the summer months nearly upon us, it has never been a better time to get fit and healthy. Yes, it is time to give up the macaroni Mondays and taco Tuesdays. But don’t worry, this guide will help you overcome these unhealthy cravings and help you ditch the fat, becoming a health lover for summer. Following this easy guide will give you a boost in the right direction when it comes to your health.

Drop The Coke and Drink Water


I know ditching the sugary goodness that is coke, is going to be a struggle. However, water is far better for you and will give your body the hydration it needs. Not only will it hydrate your body it will also give your skin a fresh look. The minerals that are in the water will get rid of pimples and redness in your skin and give you the completion that you have always craved.

The humble bottle of water can also help with weight loss. So if you are struggling or want to drop a few to feel comfortable this summer, drink up! Drinking at least 2 litres of water a day is proven to help with weight loss, as well as its many other benefits.

desk coke

Change Up Your Desk Snacks


We are all guilty of it… having not so good snack on our table or in our office, just waiting to be eaten. This habit doesn’t need to change; you will be happy to hear. All that you need to update is what you leave to each. Remove the chocolate and doughnuts and swap them out for nuts and fruit.

Fruit and nuts are a great alternative to unhealthy snacks, they provide you with the goodness you need while filling you up. Their filling power will keep you going at your desk and give you the energy you need to get all your work done, efficiently.

healthy lunch

Enjoy The Sun During Your Break


Working 9-5 and sitting at your desk all day is no fun. There is no need to be cooped up in the office the whole day. Whether you have a 30-minute break or a 1-hour break, enjoy it. Go for a walk or jump to the shop (for some healthy snacks obviously). This light exercise is better than none. If you are lucky enough to have a park near your office, get out and enjoy it. Stretch your legs while walking around the park.

The best bit about going for a walk during summer is the chance to catch some sun. The warm weather is not here for long, so enjoy it.

fitness walks

Get Everyone Involved


Don’t do it alone! Get everyone involved. The whole office should be get involved and improve their health. Go for walks together and organise everyone to bring it different healthy snacks. This will make having a healthy work environment much easier on everyone.